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     Dear customers and global strategic partners,

    Welcome to ZKSky official website!

    ZKSoftware(China)Inc. has been a pioneer in developing global enterprise time management and security management solutions since 1985. It is a global leading developer of multi-biometric identification and RFID core technologies and a renowned provider of products and solutions. Our achievements witness the history of the development of the global biometric identification industry. We are fortunate to have become a pioneer unexceptionally in every change of the biometric identification industry. Our branches in the United States, China, Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East and our core partners from more than 180 countries make up the largest sales and service network of this industry.

    We sincerely appreciate our global strategic partners and value-added system developers who maintain long-term cooperation relationships with us. Thanks to your value concept and core philosophy consistent with our pursuit of customer satisfaction, and your rich service experience and system integration experience in enterprise time management and security management, we have made remarkable achievements in the world over the years. Our cooperation has not only promoted the values for both parties, but also enabled us to have earned the respect of society and our families. We have reasons to believe that we will make contributions to the improvement of the efficiency of time management and security management through more innovations and cooperation in the future.

    Innovations will become the core theme of our development. Our eternal pursuit is to provide customers with richer solutions and more values. Our core competitiveness lies in that we have many market platforms worldwide to share the resources, and that we can provide the most valuable international products and solutions to the greatest extent. The driving forces for our future development are becoming the most outstanding innovator and pioneer of this industry in history and establishing one of the most influential brands of time management and security management in the world.

    Steve Che