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     ZKSoftware, the leader for time management and safety management system solutions, is the world famous manufacturer of biometric products. Since founded in 1985, the independent intellectual property rights of biological recognition technology are the core of ZKSoftware, and constantly promote the enterprise time attendance and safety management innovation of the industry. Control by the high quality of development technology, product quality, market orientation and high stability, the ZKSoftware serves more than 160 countries and regions.
    We have a team of nearly 2000 people, there are more than 80 branches and offices located in Beijing, shenzhen, dongguan, and Lanzhou province domestically ,and also in the United States, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, dubai, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Argentina, Germany, Russia, Mexico and other overseas countries. We provide perfect time management and security management products and system solutions for global partners. At present, there are more than 180 million people using biometrics and RFID technology from ZKSoftware, and more than 9 million sets of fingerprints, RFID and facial recognition systems running around the world.

    ZKSoftware, which owns five brand series of products: ZKSoftware, ZKEco, ZKiVision, ZKBiolock, and ZKAFIS, constantly bring revolutionary innovation to lead industrial development and own large-scale industrial manufacturing system to create value for society, however, there are more than 3500 business partners all over the world. Almost 35% of the world's 500 strong company are our customers .The strongest , and the most abundant product line and application solutions is our industrial competitiveness, with industrial capital as the link to resource integration, adhere to religious beliefs to maintain our values, establish a model of Chinese enterprise globalization development.