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    ZK Culture

     Enterprise Culture of ZKSoftware
    People oriented
    ZK always observe technology development, enterprise innovation, people oriented as company culture concept, lay emphasis on personnel training

    Our pursue
    To become the most outstanding innovator and pioneer of this industry in history and establishing one of the most influential brands of security and time management in the world.

    Core technology
    On the basis of independence, research and develop with innovation and create original core technology.
    On condition of large capital, make large production and manufacture

    Enterprise spirit
    Responsibility, innovation, professional and team work is the core of ZK enterprise culture.
    To be practical and reliable is our behavior standard.

    Quality target
    To supply the keeping improving quality and satisfied service, satisfy and lead the customer demand, build perfect service system.
    To supply professional and standard service, regard user satisfaction as enterprise quality measure.

    Development and construction
    Reasonable profit rate and profit target, not go for profit maximization only, have to combine with capital continuously and realize the development speed and scale higher than industry development.
    In the information era, to be the industry leader or be eliminated, there is no other choice.

    Enterprise value
    Labor, acknowledge, entrepreneur and capital creation is the whole enterprise value.
    With knowledge capitalization for ZK enterprise value scale operation, make a landmark of the great enterprise value