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         Green ecological agriculture and its accompanying green food from the fine ecological environment. Earth provide us the good climate, the fresh air, the abundant water, the fertile soil, so that the human could be live and multiply. However, due to population growth, economic development, the resources are destroyed, the environment contaminated , such damage of the natural resources feedback to human itself. Because of the instinct and cognitive science, people become more concern about the health, focusing on food safety and protect the environment. Especially we pay more attention to the Pollution Free Agriculture Products. In this circumstance, the green ecological agriculture and green food has been recognized by the constomer, and become the inevitable product with the characteristics of times.

         Green ecological agriculture is a protected agriculture, it`s not only the environmental protection industry which improve the ecological environment, improve people's health, but also the weak industry which need support and protect. Although there is no legislation for the green ecological agriculture, but as a special green ecological agriculture products, green food is produced under the quality control standards. Except the requirements of producing environmental and the employ of the production inputs, there are extremely stringent quality standards for the green food, for example the quality of the product, the implementation of production technology rules. We can say, from the land to the table, from the production to post-processing, management , storage, packaging and marketing, the whole process is been monitored. Therefore, compare with other agricultural production, the green food is more scientific, authoritative and security.

         ZK Villa is located in the intersection of Zhongguancun and yangfang – the Bai Hu Jian village, beside the beautiful backyard garden of Beijing, about 25 kilometers away from the city. ZK Villa ​​ covers an area of 2000 square meters, has activity rooms, meeting rooms and multi-purpose activity rooms, and also provides the accommodation service. ZK Villa also has the leisure and sports facilities, such as the tearoom, basketball court, barbecue buffet area, eco-tourism park, etc. The ZK agricultural garden which in mountain covers an area of ​​35,000 square meters, it besides the beautiful backyard garden of Beijing, provides sightseeing tours and special breeding services. ZK Villa is not only the activity base of ZK partners, but also a new type of "eco-club", which open to the public, it will provide you the eco-tourism and the original ecological buffet-style living.

         ZK Villa includes five parts, the ZK History Museum, the conference reception area, the recreational sports area, the catering service area and the ecological agriculture park.

         The ZK ecological agriculture park is a big and interesting place. In spring you can enjoy the beautiful peach blossom, in summer you can swim in the bottomless spring, in autumn you can pick the fruit on the tree, in winter you can see the ice waterfall and enjoy the hot spring. There will be different scenery in the different seasons. In the ZK Villa , everyone will spend a wonderful time, here is also a good choice of organize conferences, training, development and other projects.  

         Welcome all friends to our ZK Villa, we will provide a one-stop experience platform, and we have the wonderful service, the green ecological features and the excellent idea. we try to create the ecological park, which integrate the catering, entertainment, tourism, ecological farming in one system.