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          Mineral resources are important natural resources, it forms through thousands or even hundreds of millions of years, it is the important material basis for the development of social production, nowadays people's production and life are inseparable from the mineral resources.

          There are different classification system of mineral resources, generally, according to the genesis and formation conditions of mineral , divided into endogenous mineral, mineral and exogenous metamorphic minerals.

          According to the mineral composition and structural characteristics, divided into organic and inorganic mineral mining; according to the mineral production status, divided into solid mineral, liquid mineral and gas mineral; according to the mineral characteristics and its main purpose, divided into energy and minerals, metals, non-metallic mineral and water vapour mineral.

          ZK mining industry department has several mineral enterprises at home and abroad,in Mongolia (Ulan Bator), South Africa and so on set up offices. In China, set up Fujian ZK mineral limited company in 2008, and has several mineral resources in China.

          ZK mining industry is committed to exploitation of mining resources at home and abroad. Mainly engaged in mineral development and geological mining series development; services and investment and financing business.

          With the operation philosophy “development is a hard truth, great cooperation is the theme’’, we would like to cooperate with partners on basis of win-win develop, enjoy the achievement together.

          We welcome the geological and mineral exploration unit and enterprise to supply cooperation project, we rely on the principle” complement each other's advantages, step by step develop, standard operation, revenue sharing” and cooperate with all parties on project.