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           Often referred to as simply ecommerce (or e-commerce) the phrase is used to describe business that is conducted over the Internet using any of the applications that rely on the Internet, such as e-mail, instant messaging, shopping carts, Web services, UDDI, FTP, and EDI, among others. Electronic commerce can be between two businesses transmitting funds, goods, services and/or data or between a business and a customer.
    E-business activities such as selling online can be directed at consumers or other business. Business to consumer(B2C) involves the online sales of goods, services and provision of information directly to consumers. Business to Business(B2B) refers to the online exchange of products, services, or information between business.

           On the E style of 21 century, ZK sales models shows diversified combined distribution+project+EC. Nowadays, ZK cooperates with many main e-commercial sites, like JD, TMALL, Suning,Gome and so on.