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    The concept of financial investment is a commodity economy, it is in the process of the development of capitalist economy, with the investment concept is unceasingly rich and the development, formed on the basis of physical investment, and gradually become even more popular than real investment interest and importance to the investment behavior.Financial industry five giant: banking, securities, insurance, funds and trust business.

    An investment bank,
    Investment bank is a word in English as "investment bank", but "investment bank" includes at least four meanings: first, institutional level, refers to the direct financial institutions of financial enterprises of the capital market;Second, the industry level, refers to the investment bank of the whole industry.Third, the business level, refers to the investment bank operations.Fourthly, academic level, is about the theory and practice of the investment bank.
    Investment banking is a constant development and changes of industry.In the financial realm, the meaning of the term "investment banking" is very broad.From the generalized point of view, it includes a broad range of financial business;From the point of view of narrow sense, it includes the scope of business is more traditional.

    The securities investment
    Securities investment, investment in securities) refers to investors (as a legal person or natural person) buying and selling stocks, bonds, securities such as JiJinQuan, and these securities, derivatives, in order to get difference, [1] interest and capital gains investment behavior and investment process, is the important form of direct investment.

    Insurance investment
    Investment insurance refers to insurance companies in the process of organization economic compensation, the accumulation of all sorts of use of insurance funds, make capital value-added activities.Insurance investment principle is the basis of insurance investment.As early as 1862, a British economist (bailey A.A.B ailey) is put forward the five principles of life insurance investment, i.e., security;The highest real yields;Some of the money to invest in can quickly realised the securities;Another part of the fund of securities that can be converted into cash to invest in can't quickly;Investment should be conducive to the development of life insurance business.

    Fund investment
    Fund investment is a kind of indirect way of securities investment.Fund management companies by issuing fund share, focus the capital of investor, by fund trustee (bank) that has a qualification namely hosting, management and use of funds by the fund manager, engaged in financial instruments such as stock, bond investment, then share the investment risk, share the benefits.In layman's terms, securities investment funds is through the money of many investors, to the bank, the fund management company is responsible for the investment in stocks and bonds and other securities, purpose to realize the value of an investment tool

    Trust and investment
    Trust investment (TrustInvestment), financial trust investment agencies with its own capital and organizational capital investments.
    Trust (Trust) is a kind of financing way, is a special kind of property management system and legal act, but it is also a kind of financial system.Banking, insurance, securities and trust together constitute the modern financial system.Trust business is a kind of legal act on the basis of the credit, generally involves three parties, namely the input credit client, trusted by the trustee, and benefit from the beneficiary.