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Work at CUZ
    CUZFounded by Dr. Shaw Chen, the chairman of Sias International University, is in a good position in enjoying and sharing educational resources and information provided by Sias,and looking for top level foreign teachers(whose native language is English)to enhance the current faculty. Can you meet the challenge of teaching energetic and eager-to-learn college students?
Your teaching job will be based on your educational and professional background. All teachers are required to teach oral English at least 12-18 hours each week.

CUZ will provide you with a one year contract and the following conditions applied.


  • Air Fare to China
  • Return Air Fare
  • Medical Care
  • Room and Kitchen Facilities
  • Private Apartment
  • Salary
  • Trips in China


* Only when a one-year contract is signed
All applicants must have at least a bachelor degree .A teaching background is preferred.If your major is not Education,you have to take Teaching Methods training course at CUZ.


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